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AUGUST 16, 7-9PM



Got Boundaries?
Don’t worry Laura is here to help!

Boundaries are those invisible markers you establish in and around your recovery. You set boundaries with friends, lovers, colleagues, and family members to protect your recovery and rebuild your identity.

Clear and healthy boundaries tell others what you will and will not tolerate so that you can gain self-trust, practice self-care, and really learn to love who you are.

This workshop will cover the following boundaries topics:

  • ✨ What boundaries are and why they are important in recovery

  • ✨ Identifying Healthy vs Unhealthy boundaries

  • ✨ Discover how you can set healthy boundaries?

  • ✨ How to determine consequences for boundary violations

  • ✨ Your boundaries have been crossed, what now?

  • ✨ Discover your barriers to setting good boundaries

  • ✨ Pro Tips for healthy boundaries

Laura Fade.jpg

Laura Waters is Owner and Chief Content Officer of An Artful Recovery.

She is a certified Recovery Coach and a person in long-term recovery (since June 2007). Laura guides recoverees to connecting with the deep and authentic self through focus on identity, communication patterns, relationship clarity, societal deconditioning, and boundaries in her customized coaching sessions.

Laura is a mixed media artist and uses simple art exercises along with meditation and soul-mapping practices to facilitate transformation.


With over a decade of experience in teaching college-level communication and public speaking courses. In 2015 she received the Professor of the Year award. Laura currently serves as lead faculty in communication and the arts at her Local College where she is also Vice-President of the Faculty Senate. Additionally, she is the South Regional Chair of the curriculum consortium in her state.


She is a seasoned speaker, an international recovery trainer, and has facilitated hundreds of groups on contemplative practices and communication skills development. Laura is a member of an international online meditation community where she served as newsletter editor and as the community’s first president after it became a non-profit. Laura incorporates her expertise and experience in visual and written art, communication, and meditation in workshops, intensive group engagement experiences, and 1:1 coaching.