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The Coaching HARBOUR

Your safe haven for Personal and Professional support and development

*Exclusive for the Alumni of the 5-Day Recovery Coach Academy Training provided by Recovery Coach Academy

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In the ever-expanding landscape of Recovery Coaching, the demand for exceptional coaching continues to rise globally. As the need for quality Coaching intensifies, we understand that professionals in the addiction field are not just providers of support; they too require a nurturing space for their personal and professional growth.

The Coaching Harbour

You're a dedicated professional, eager to broaden your network and expertise through engaging virtual events, exclusive community support, and enriching career content at The Coaching Harbour.

Pay Monthly
Pay Annuallly

Join a private community group on Recovery Coach Academy’s Virtual Community App (Mobile & Desktop friendly)

Coaching Tools and Resources to enhance your practice

Access resources and updates in the field

Navigate the intricacies of coaching through hands-on, real-time practice sessions.

Continue to develop professionally with monthly live learning workshops and guest experts

Connect with a diverse cohort facing similar career challenges

Share experiences, network with like-minded individuals, and engage in topic-based chats that resonate with your journey

Access Clinical Supervision or Coachervision for a discounted rate

Benefits and discounts on future opportunities

Enjoy additional benefits, including access to CCAR webinars, events, and special offers that enrich your professional journey.

The Coaching HARBOUR

Derives its name from the profound metaphor of a harbour—an anchorage point where ships find safety and respite amid the unpredictable seas. In the realm of addiction recovery support, where the landscape is often turbulent and challenging, we envisioned a place that serves as a secure haven for professionals navigating these uncharted waters.


A harbour symbolizes a refuge, a sanctuary where individuals providing support can find solace—an anchorage point for professionals to find safety, connection, and renewal. Like a harbour offering respite to ships, we provide a nurturing space where individuals can regroup, gain strength, and chart their course for ongoing personal and professional growth in the field of Recovery Coaching.

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