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End the Stigma

It's time to end the stigma of addictions

We don't demonise people suffering other kinds of afflictions

The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection

So why are addicts cast out at every societal intersection

Today it's them but tomorrow it could be you

Addiction doesn't discriminate, that's always been true

It doesn't care about race, religion or colour

It just wants to see graveyards and prisons getting fuller

I've lost count of the lives we've all lost along the way

And we keep adding em up, still, to this day

I've known more people die than I have get clean

That's why we need to stop stigmatising that scene

Because people keep dying

And it's an uphill battle for those that are trying

Because services are slashed and budgets got cut

So it's even harder than ever to get yourself out of that rut

Addicts are just people afflicted by trauma and hurt

If you saw someone else's suffering? would ya treat em like dirt

The stigma of addiction doesn't end when you get clean

There's always someone wanting to remind you of what you'd once been

Or saying have a beer, you'll be right with just one

Don't be a spoilsport, you're ruining our fun

Because most people just don't get it

So if you've got clean or sober I'll give you full credit

Because I'm walking that path too

And it's a hard one, so stay positive and stay true

True to yourself

Recognise it was you that got ya here, no one else

So if you're in recovery, recover loud

Don't be ashamed of your past, you survived it… Be proud

Because we beat the odds, we're part of a growing statistic

That We do recover…. Is highly realistic

So that addict who you pass in the street

Could be one step away from having their demons beat

Or they might still have a long way to go

Maybe they'll never get out, who knows

All I know is this much

Is was easier for me when people gave me a lift up

Helped me on my way

Start to believe in a brighter day

So every day now I give praise

Could've been different in so many ways

So I refuse to be stigmatised

My people are the disenfranchised

The ones who are down on their luck

Might just need a hand up

Yearning for a samaritan

So treat em with humility not arrogance

They're somebody's daughter or son, brother or sister, dad or mum

So stop viewing em like junkie scum

People need to open their eyes and finally start seeing

That behind the addiction… Is just another human being.

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