Peer Recovery Coaching is about the opportunity to meet with someone who has the lived experience of substance misuse (addiction) and recovery, to talk with, ask questions, obtain resources, and create a recovery plan.


We provide peer coaching in both group and individual settings;  

-          This means we serve as positive examples of active long-term recovery

-          Practice confidentiality with those they work with

-          Discuss issues and provide honest feedback

-          Share personal experiences with purpose

-          Serve as trustworthy allies

-          Provide helpful resources

-          Help participants write their own personal recovery plans.*

*(The recovery plan identifies an individual’s recovery capital, assists in setting goals and identifies actions necessary to attain those goals, while building a positive social support network in the community.)


If you are in early to mid-term recovery and think you would benefit from Peer Recovery Coaching or would just like to discuss options, please reach out by completing the contact form below.


Recovery incubators prove to be most successful for those committed to personal growth, increasing Recovery Capital and living their best life, where facilitators are available in the group and also outside of the group time through other agreed communication methods.

This is about “Transformation not Information”

-          A coaching incubator/container is an energetic, supportive group.

-          It is a space that allows people to be supported so the work can unfold; it is not only about information; it is about transformation.

-          These are structured groups to help people achieve goals and improve their lives

-          We provide accountability & resources to help you achieve your goals

Recovery incubators are for individuals who are stable in their recovery and ready to improve their lifestyle, career, education, etc., and want a safe place to explore these options. If this is you, please get into contact.

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