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Helping businesses to better team performance and happier, healthier, loyal, long-term employees

We Are Recovery Friendly Workplaces

A Recovery Friendly Workplace establishes a healthy and safe environment where employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create a positive workplace culture and eliminate barriers for those impacted by addiction.

We give business owners the resources and support they need to foster a supportive environment that encourages the success of their employees and their business. 

That's not only good economics, it's good HR and healthcare.

What is a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

Recovery Friendly Workplaces are businesses of any type committed to creating a workplace culture that supports employees in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use.

RFWs encourage a healthy and safe environment where everyone; employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers faced by those in or seeking recovery.

Success is measured with a healthier and more productive team, longer staff retention, better workforce morale and by showing your customers and community your business is a proactive, valued community partner.

Coming Soon

Discovery Recovery Friendly Workplace workshops and courses to experience the transformative benefits that can help shape positive change in your workplace.

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