Discover how to work with others whose spiritual beliefs may be different than yours. Learn about the tools, resources, and language needed for a recovery coach to address spirituality in a way that is inclusive” 


Course dates: 

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This includes:

  • 2 x 4 hour LIVE learning sessions (plus 30-minute break.)

  • Custom training manual delivered to your door.

  • A dedicated website to upload work and access additional training, videos and resources.

  • Access to Recovery Coach Academy Community Facebook group.

  • Registration on the CCAR Training Website and certificate on completion.

  • 12 Continuing Education Units - recognized international reciprocity.

  • Bespoke communication approach to meet different learning styles.

  • Invitation to Recovery Conversations group to meet/collaborate and connect with like-minded people who want to impact recovery. 

  • We only train small groups to build real connections and relationships.

  • Additional support and custom resources outside of training sessions.

  • The only authorized CCAR trainers in the UK.

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What is CCAR©?


The leading program for recovery coaches worldwide

Focused on the Art and Science of Recovery Coaching

Based on the fundamentals of coaching excellence

Has become the most sought after training program for Recovery Coaches with over 45,000 coaches trained internationally

Connecticut Community for Addiction and Recovery


This course is for you if…

  • You want to define spirituality in Recovery 

  • You want to explore personal beliefs and values when it comes to spirituality

  • You want to discover how to work with others whose spiritual beliefs may be different from yours.

  • You want to learn about the tools, resources, and language needed for a recovery coach

  • You want to address spirituality in a way that is inclusive

  • You want to be challenged in a way that helps to promote your own understanding of spirituality

  • You acknowledge the need for change in the Recovery Community

  • You want to learn new ways and paths to support all stages of recovery

  • You want to start implementing changes but unsure where to start

We will help you;

  • Feel confident when dealing with spirituality on your recovery coaching journey

  • Help those you serve to understand, accept and embrace spirituality for themselves 

  • Further your understanding of Recovery Coaching in your community

  • And most importantly we will provide you with a community of support to help you succeed!

Why work with us?

We are a mother and daughter team who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and credible Lived Experience.  We hope to educate, inspire and motivate you, so you can make a positive impact in the Recovery community.  We have seen and felt the positive impact of Recovery Coaching in the US and we want to share this in the UK and wider a field! (There is nothing wrong with dreaming big!)

We have been so fortunate to go through adversity and come out the other side, while being exposed to the magic of recovery coaching and recovery communities outside of the UK.  As individuals we bring different perspectives and different life and work experiences.

>>>Once we have ordered your manuals this course is Non refundable<<<

However, we will happily allow you to transfer your space to someone else or donate it as a scholarship for another candidate️



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