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Supervision for Recovery Coaches:

Nurturing Growth for Transformative Impact!

Supporting You Every Step!

Dedicated to the profession of recovery coaching, Coachervision is your dedicated partner on this transformative path. Beyond conventional oversight, we offer personalized one to one sessions and group coaching, emphasizing compassion and creating a safe space for transformative growth—both professionally and personally. Imagine a community where each coaching session is a compassionate step forward, and where we stand with you, offering you the support you need.

Benefits of Coachervision: Elevate Your Recovery Coaching Experience

Coachervision Supervision
Personalized Guidance

Tailored 1-2-1 sessions and dynamic group settings provide personalized support, ensuring your unique needs are addressed for optimal growth.

Coaching the Coaches

Join a supportive community where mentorship thrives, allowing professionals to guide each other through the complexities of recovery coaching.

Strategies for Success

Acquire practical strategies to excel in various professional settings, empowering you to navigate challenges and ensure success as a recovery coach.

Clear Expectations

Define success with clarity. Coachervision ensures that roles and responsibilities are clearly understood, laying the foundation for successful coaching relationships.

Accountability and Trust

Build a relationship of trust and professionalism. Coachervision emphasizes the importance of accountability for both Coachervisors and Recovery Coaches.

Coachervision or Clinical Supervision: Finding Your Path to Professional Growth

Choosing between Coachervision and Clinical Supervision is a pivotal decision on your journey to professional growth. Let's explore which option aligns with your unique needs:

Coachervision: Elevating Recovery Coaching Practices

Tailored Guidance: Coachervision offers personalized 1-2-1 sessions and engaging group settings, providing coaches with individualized support for optimal growth.


Cultural Harmony: Navigate diverse cultures with ease. Coachervision equips you with insights to align with different environments, fostering effective supervision.


Community Connection: Join a supportive community where mentorship thrives. Coachervision is more than supervision; it's a shared journey where coaches connect and amplify the impact of recovery coaching.

Clinical Supervision: Nurturing Professional Development in a Clinical Context

Specialized Expertise: Clinical Supervision is designed for professionals in therapeutic settings, offering a focused approach tailored to the clinical nuances of mental health and healthcare practices.


Regulatory Compliance: If your profession requires adherence to specific clinical standards and regulations, Clinical Supervision ensures that your practices align with industry requirements.


Clinical Insight: Gain specialized insights into the clinical aspects of your work. Clinical Supervision is well-suited for those seeking a deep understanding of therapeutic interventions and mental health practices.

Which One is Right for You?

Consider your professional goals, the nature of your work, and your preferences. If you're a recovery coach seeking transformative growth, cultural harmony, and community connection, Coachervision is tailored for you. Alternatively, if you work in clinical settings, require regulatory compliance, and seek specialized clinical insights, Clinical Supervision may be your ideal choice.


Whichever path you choose, both Coachervision and Clinical Supervision aim to elevate your practice. Take a thoughtful step toward your professional development, ensuring that your chosen supervision aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

Meet Your Coachervisors: Your Guides on the Journey to Success

Get to know the experienced professionals who will be your mentors and guides at Coachervision. Our Coachervisors bring a wealth of expertise and a passion for transformative coaching. Here are the key individuals dedicated to shaping your recovery coaching journey:

Michael Swales, RCP©️

A Dedicated Recovery Coach Professional, RCP©️ and Supervisor, brings support and expertise to your recovery journey. As a proud member of the IARCP©️, Michael not only offers individual coaching but also facilitates reflective practice groups within charities and social enterprises.

With a background shift from finance and hospitality to therapy, Michael's registered membership with BACP and NCPCS reflects his commitment to ethical guidelines. Drawing from Psychodynamic, Transpersonal, and Gestalt theories, Michael integrates experiential healing, emphasizing the crucial connection between body and mind.

Join Michael on a transformative journey, where his integrative approach fosters trust, insight, and a richer experience of life.

Sharon Hadley.png
Sharon Hadley, PSS, RSPS, MHPS

A passionate advocate for recovery coaching, drawing inspiration from her own journey of long-term recovery since July 23, 2012. Since 2014, Sharon has been extending her expertise in Recovery Coaching across diverse settings, including Texas prisons, courtrooms, in-patient treatment, Recovery Community Organizations, out-patient treatment, and primary health care. Certified as a Peer Support Supervisor since 2019, Sharon has been guiding coaches through training into certification since 2015. 

Her broad experience spans working with diverse populations, including those with criminal justice involvement, homelessness, human trafficking survivors, domestic violence survivors, and individuals living with HIV.

Sharon stands as a beacon of support and empowerment, dedicated to reducing barriers and stigma, and fostering a transformative journey for those in recovery.

Laura Waters.png
Laura Waters, RCP©️

A multifaceted professional and proud IARCP member bringing her 17 years of personal recovery, passion for recovery coaching, artistic expression, and education to the forefront. As a recovery coach, coachervisor, creative guide, artist, educator, and speaker, Laura's journey is a testament to the transformative power of creative exploration.

Recognising creative expression as a vital tool for navigating life, Laura encourages everyone to connect with their inner artist, engaging in soul-nourishing practices to live authentically and set healthy boundaries for growth and fulfillment.

Laura's influence extends beyond individual coaching. She has appeared on podcasts, facilitated a variety of workshops virtually and in person, as well as spoken at a variety of events.

Laura Waters stands as a guiding light of inspiration, embodying the belief that creative exploration is not just an artistic endeavor but a transformative journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Every Good Coach Needs a Coach

Embark on a journey of empowerment, education, and unparalleled success. Choose Coachervision and experience the transformative benefits that will shape your recovery coaching practice.

Coachervision Supervision

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