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We are the UK’s first and only CCAR© approved trainer

We provide training for those who wish to support or advocate for those in Recovery. CCAR is the leading Recovery Coach training in the US with more than 75,000 coaches trained worldwide.

We are proud to provide CCAR training, that is CPD certified in the UK.

We currently offer our trainings virtually, via Zoom. This makes our trainings flexible, accessible and more affordable.


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What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching offers those dealing with addictions a way to navigate through their recovery process using tools and expert guidance.

A Recovery Coach meets people where they are, treating them with dignity and respect. There are many pathways of recovery and people should be allowed to choose their own pathway.


This is an innovative new approach to healing people's lives, and the training we give is unlike any other. We utilise a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content, to give you all the tools you need to become a Recovery Coach.

Why Recovery Coaching?

If you:

  • Are a professional working with those in Recovery

  • Work in the public sector (e.g. Police, Ambulance, Charity, Nurse...)

  • Have a friend or family member who is in Recovery

  • Are in Recovery yourself

  • Have a personal interest in learning about Recovery Coaching...

You will benefit from the Recovery Coach Academy training.

The Recovery Coach Academy training delves deep into Recovery Coaching principles, real life scenarios and how to best advocate and support those in Recovery.

When you sign up to the Recovery Coach Academy course you can expect to receive:

  • Access to our online training portal

  • A CCAR manual delivered to you by post

  • LIVE training for each day of your course

  • Certification on completion of the course

  • 30 CPD hours (recognised in the UK)

  • 30 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units, recognised worldwide)

  • The chance to continue your training and work towards the Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) accreditation status.

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The Recovery Coach Academy is brought to you by Naetha and Calliese. They bring this radical and industry leading course from the US to the UK and worldwide. Naetha and Calliese both have lived experience of Recovery and have experienced the benefits of Recovery Coaching. They are passionate about bringing hope to as many lives as possible.

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