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RCP Direction

You've got Dreams,
We've got Direction

You know, addiction is a global issue.
We know, Recovery Coaching is part of the global solution.
Together, we can help you make an impact.

Introducing the Recovery Coach Professional Pathway

The RCP Pathway is more than the status as RCP; it's an investment in your professional development.

Recovery Coach Academy RCP Pathway is £1697 (value £1855)

5- Day CCAR CPD Accredited Recovery Coach Academy Training- value £697

CCAR CPD Accredited 3-Day Ethical Considerations- value £237

CCAR CPD Accredited 2-Day Recovery Coaching & Professionalism- value £197

CCAR CPD Accredited 2-Day Spirituality for Recovery Coaches- value £197

1 Hour of Tech Support and Assistance- value £100

3 RCP© Prep Sessions to prepare for your Panel Interview- value £300

RCP© assessment fee- value £127

Recovery People

are why we provide a person-centered approach to addiction Recovery

This training is for you if you are a...

RCP 11a
Healthcare Professional
RCP 8a
Experienced Manager
RCP 10a
Recovering Hope Dealer
RCP 3a
Parent  Advocate
RCP 9a
Community  Connector
RCP 7a
Legacy Driven Leader
RCP 6a
Social Work Advocate
RCP 2a
Career Driven Professional
Compassionate Educator

Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by addiction.

Outdated treatment systems have been in the spotlight for years. Recovery Coaching can be applied in all areas of our society; going beyond traditional treatment services to help support individuals maintain and sustain long-term recovery.

Addiction Impact

Why choose the Recovery Coach Professional Pathway?

In contrast to conventional recovery coach certifications that predominantly focus on the scientific aspects of training hours, supervised experience, and written tests, the Recovery Coach Professional Pathway offers a distinctive and holistic approach. Recovery Coach Academy in collaboration with CCAR©, we understand the nuanced role of a Recovery Coach and recognize the importance of blending the art and science of recovery coaching.

Key Features of the Recovery Coach Professional Pathway:
Holistic Approach

The Recovery Coach Professional, RCP© Designation acknowledges there are many individuals with diverse experiences and aims to remove traditional barriers that often stop people from receiving the support they need.

Diversity and Individuality

We embrace diverse pathways to recovery, respecting the uniqueness of each individual's journey. The Recovery Coach Professional Pathway values inclusivity, eliminating unnecessary barriers for those navigating continuous struggles.

Inclusive Admission Process

The RCP pathway includes 70 hours of CCAR training, submit a written statement and invites participants to a panel interview where they can showcase their coaching skills, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation beyond traditional measures.

Commitment to Ethics

Recovery Coach Professionals commit to a code of ethics, reflecting their dedication to ethical and compassionate recovery coaching practices.

Since 2020

Recovery Coach Academy in numbers
1 Global Leader

In Recovery Coaching. CCAR is the global leader in developing and providing quality Recovery Coach Training worldwide since 2008 & we are the only authorised CCAR© facilitators in the UK. 

3 Awards
  • Lincolnshire Enterprise Business for Purpose 2022 winner.

  • Finalist for 2023 CPD Provider of the Year

  • Finalist Lincolnshire “Taking on the World” award 2023.

96,000+ Recovery Coaches

Have been trained globally. The CCAR model was recognised in the 2022 White House Drug Strategy and is the go-to model for individuals, organisations, and businesses.

20+ Countries

Have attended training with Recovery Coach Academy since 2020, from individuals to organisations and businesses.

50+ Countries Recognise

The now CPD Accredited Recovery Coach training provided by Recovery Coach Academy.

100+ Relationships

With Businesses & Organisations who have had training and support to access and implement Recovery Coaching.

846+ Hours

Of LIVE CCAR Training delivered Virtually since 2020

586+ Participants

Have attended between 1-6 Trainings with Recovery Coach Academy since 2020

Recovery Coach Professional

Meet your facilitators

Naetha Uren and Calliese Conner, the dynamic duo powering the RCP Pathway. With a wealth of experience spanning the USA to the UK, Naetha, a Certified Recovery Coach Professional, and Calliese, co-founder of the Recovery Coach Academy, embody a perfect blend of compassion and professionalism. Together, they've crafted a heart-centered business devoted to transformative change. Join them on the path to recovery coaching excellence, where their knowledge and passion create a supportive community for your journey.

What our Students are saying;


David Golding

RCA is fantastic. You must come on board

Naetha and Calliese are super and the courses are truly excellent. Not only do we learn, we have fun. There are always students with such diverse backgrounds, I learn just as much from them as I do from the material. 11 out of 10. Thanks


Sarah Ibraham

Outstanding content, resources and delivery

The quality of content, resources and support is second to none on the RCA course. The format of it, the delivery and the way its led its impactful and incredible. Naetha and Calliese pour their hearts and souls into everything they do. And it shows! Highly recommend the RCA 5-day course. If you get a chance to do this, DO IT! You won't regret it


Maggs Campbell

Amazing -

I highly recommend

An Amazing Learning Experience - I would highly recommend any of the Recovery Coach Academy courses.
I have now completed 2 course with RCA and both have exceeded my expectations. The content has been insightful and both courses have been delivered with such passion and kindness.
This is not just a course, this is a community that continue to support long after the learning is done


Emma Seymour

Excellent training, superb course and wonderful team

Fantastic training, with absolutely amazing trainers. The community is great, resources are brilliant, and I felt so supported all the way through. It's well set up and the course content is really great: the world needs a lot more of this. I wholeheartedly recommend RCA and this training. Thank you Naetha and Calliese!

Join a Community of Individuals Elevating the Standards for Recovery Coaching
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