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2-hour Our Stories Have Power training Recovery Community Messaging Workshop  - Date to be comfirmed

This 2-hour Our Stories Have Power Recovery Messaging workshop was designed to empower individuals, families, friends, and allies with the language they need to share their stories. 


The recovery community is speaking out to educate friends, neighbours, policymakers, and the media about the reality of recovery so that others can get the help they need to recover. The Our Stories Have Power workshop gives participants the power to become recovery communicators by providing them with specific messaging and language that can promote change and reduce stigma.


Words have power, and research has shown that specific types of messaging can make a significant impact on people's lives. 


In this workshop, participants will learn;

  • The right messaging for those in recovery, family members, and allies

  • How to tell their recovery story to friends and family

  • How to use recovery messages in all aspects of their lives, including representing the organised recovery community in the media and other public places

  • Appropriate, non-stigmatizing language when talking about addiction and recovery


Our hope is that this knowledge will help YOU become more confident in talking about recovery and advocating for yourself and others.


Join us for this empowering workshop and learn how to become a recovery communicator. 


This is being provided by and delivered by Recovery Coach Academy in partnership with Faces and Voices of Recovery UK 


This training is facilitated by Recovery Coach Professionals, RCP©️ , and individuals in Recovery. 


Register now and be a part of the change in your community.

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