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What August looked like at Recovery Coach Academy CIC

This month has been filled with lots of learning, great conversations, connection, and planning! We started our month by having our monthly Coffee & Coaching where we read the blog “Deploying Recovery Coaches: The Best Model” and discussed “No Coach is an Island- What does a Recovery Coaching Community look like when we put Recovery First”. In the Recovery Coaching Community, we focus on collaborations, connections, and authentic relationships.

There is no power differential- we are not competing with each other because we are all on this journey together and everyone has their own personal lived experience, assets, and skills. Everyone belongs- here’s what one of our students said during Coffee and Coaching:

“Power dynamics are an intuitive internal thing, people say stuff but they are not actually walking the talk- It's one of the many reasons why I like you both (Naetha and Calliese) is because I don’t get any sense of that power differential in the way your building this community in the UK. And that’s one of the things that has really helped me to feel at home in this community”.

We also had a “Basics of Psychedelic Assisted Recovery for Professionals” webinar in the Recovery Coach Community. We always promote there are many pathways of Recovery and as Recovery Coach professionals we meet people where they are and walk with them on their chosen path! What are your thoughts on Psychedelic Assisted Recovery?

Just as there are many pathways of Recovery, there are many pathways of Recovery Coaching! This month our Guest Expert in the Recovery Coach Community talked to us about Recovery Coaching in the Criminal Justice System. Something that was repeated was “Be there for them”.

Many who have been involved in criminal justice have been let down by the system many times, so the most loving thing we can do is be present.

We have had a full, inspiring and productive month, please check back next month, as we are sure to have a whole lot to share with you after a packed Recovery Month!

Want to learn more about Recovery Coaching? Download our free guide to Recovery Coaching now.

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