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Why Recovery Coaching!

I don't even remember exactly how but I do remember how I felt!!

It was that moment when I just realised; this is the point where twenty + years of training, business and life experience all joined together and made perfect sense and magic happened, they called it Recovery Coaching!

During a really hard time for myself and our family. I mean, it was a VERY hard period, a hard season whatever you want to call it. It just really sucked! Somehow in the midst of all of that. While our hearts were breaking, we were enduring sleepless nights and our family was sometimes separated by thousands of miles. In the midst of all this, I found recovery coaching!

I consumed and engaged everything. I visited Recovery Communities, where I've lived in the USA; I talked to, met and trained with other amazing Recovery Coaches. I saw and felt the impact on the people directly affected, even more amazing was seeing how Recovery Coaching also positively impacted families, friends, businesses and communities.

My passion was reignited (I used to be a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counsellor) Recovery Coaching (& Recovery Communities) gave me permission to use all my CREDIBLE LIVED EXPERIENCE as a valued tool to help others.

I wanted to share Recovery Coaching; every aspect of it with as many people as possible.

I saw hope and opportunity, so when I returned to UK, (I know there are cultural differences) and I get it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea, it might seem a bit different; it may help someone too.

However, we are in a time (COVID-19) where everything is changing; it also is a time to be brave and help others. People do things differently, so let’s look at other ways to support and enhance recovery. So, this is me being brave and going for it.

Yes, it's scary as hell, but that's kind of where I'm at today.

Let the journey begin.


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