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We are on a mission is to help people create positive recovery cultures that remove barriers for those affected by addiction. Through our workshops and webinars, we provide valuable resources and knowledge to foster supportive environments, benefiting individuals, families and organisations.


Join us in transforming attitudes towards recovery and become an recovery ally. Explore our offerings and empower yourself.

Support Group


Facilitated by Naetha Uren, July 24th, 12-4:30pm

July 24th, 12 to 4:30pm GMT

Harness the POWER of your PERSONAL
experience to effect POSITIVE CHANGE

Join us for a transformative FREE 4-hour workshop dedicated to helping you craft your recovery message for impact and engagement within your community! Whether you're an individual, a family member, an ally, part of an organization, or a business passionate about making a difference, this workshop is for you!

This training is in partnership with FAVOR UK, you can make a donation to them here. 

Naetha z.png
Facilitator Naetha Uren, RCPF

CREATING RECOVERY FRIENDLY WORKPLACES: A Solution to Addressing Addiction in Hospitality

Facilitated by Arron Smallman, August 2nd, 12 to 1:30pm

August 2nd, from 12-1:30pm BST

Becoming a recovery friendly workplace can be a game-changer for the hospitality industry

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, creating a compassionate and supportive workplace is essential for the well-being of your staff and the success of your business. This webinar will provide you with practical strategies and insights to foster a recovery-friendly workplace, addressing the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry.


By joining us, you'll gain expert guidance from Arron Smallman and actionable insights that will empower you to:

  • Recognizing the Signs: Learn how to identify early signs of substance misuse, enabling timely support and intervention.

  • Effective Communication: Discover techniques for approaching sensitive topics with empathy and professionalism, fostering trust and openness.

  • Creating a Supportive Culture: Understand the benefits of a recovery-friendly workplace, including improved employee morale, reduced turnover, and a more positive work environment.

  • Setting Boundaries: Learn the importance of clear boundaries to maintain a safe and productive workspace for everyone.

  • Promoting Healthier Choices: Explore the role of low and non-alcoholic options in promoting a healthier workplace culture, benefiting both employees and patrons.

This is your opportunity to make a lasting impact on your business, your employees, and the hospitality industry.

Facilitator Arron Smallman
Ally training.jpg


Facilitated by Naetha Uren, August 5th, 12 to 2pm

August 5th, 12 to 2pm GMT

We can all be an Ally for Recovery

Join us for FREE Recovery Ally Training, facilitated by Naetha Uren. This session is designed for individuals, families, communities, organisations, and businesses committed to supporting those struggling with substance misuse. Whether you're an experienced ally or new to allyship, this training offers valuable insights into understanding the recovery journey, confronting stigma, and empowering change. Learn effective communication techniques, challenge common misconceptions, and discover how to foster empathy and support within your community. By becoming a recovery ally, you'll contribute to positive social change, promote health and well-being, and create a more inclusive and supportive society. Don't miss this opportunity to make a real difference—reserve your spot now!

Naetha z.png
Facilitator Naetha Uren, RCPF
Person taking phone into hands


Facilitated by Steve Girling, August 8th, 12 to 1:30pm

August 8th, 12 to 1:30pm BST

Empowering Employees through Informed Choices and Access to Resources

Join our guest speaker Steve Girling from Reframe Coaching on this comprehensive 90-minute workshop to gain a deeper understanding of gambling, its impact, and the support available for those affected. Delivered in an engaging and informative format, the workshop will cover:


  • What is Gambling?
    An exploration of the various forms of gambling, including online betting, casinos, and lotteries, as well as the psychology behind why people gamble

  • Impacts of Gambling:
    An in-depth look at the impacts of gambling on individuals and their families, including financial, mental health, and the risk of addiction.

  • Support and Resources:
    Information on the support systems available for those affected by gambling, including services, helplines, and self-help tools.

Steve Reframe.png
Guest Expert Steve Girling, Reframe Coaching
Team Meeting


Facilitated by Emily Pearson, August 16th, 12 to 1:30pm

August 16th, from 12-1:30pm BST

Practical Steps to Wellbeing

A free 90-minute webinar to discover how HR professionals and Wellbeing Leads can embed recovery-friendly practices for strategic wellbeing.

As we enhance our focus on workplace mental health, it’s important that we consider the vital aspect of addiction recovery support. Many workplaces struggle with this, but with the right strategies, we can foster environments where every employee feels supported and valued.

This webinar is an opportunity to understand the unique challenges that employees in recovery face, HR professionals and wellbeing leads can make a profound difference. By creating recovery-friendly practices, we can not only support those in need but also build a healthier, more productive workplace for everyone.


What to expect:

  • Empathy in Action: Understand the impact of substance use in the workplace 

  • Practical Steps: Discover five actionable steps to embed recovery-friendly practices into your wellbeing strategy

  • Comprehensive Support: Understand how to provide meaningful support that promotes overall health and wellbeing.

  • Respect and Dignity: Foster a workplace environment where all employees are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Join us for this valuable session to learn how to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of your employees. Together, we can create workplaces that truly care.

Emily Pearson.png
Guest facilitator Emily Pearson RCP


With Sharon Hadley August 20th, 6-7:30 pm UK

August 20th, 6-7:30 pm GMT

Ready to Discover the ART of Motivational Interviewing

 Join us on August 20th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM UK time for a FREE 90-minute webinar, "An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing," with our guest facilitator, Sharon Hadley. This session is open to all and is designed to provide valuable insights into the principles and techniques of motivational interviewing, a powerful approach to enhancing motivation and encouraging positive change. Whether you're a professional, family member, or community supporter, this webinar will equip you with practical skills to better support and inspire those navigating their recovery journey. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert and enhance your ability to make a meaningful impact—reserve your spot today!

Guest facilitator Sharon Hadley
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