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2024 Recovery Coach Academy: A Look Back and A Vision for the Future

Here we are, 2024. A new year, a fresh start, and an endless ocean of opportunities.

The questions often come in fast, and hard. “What do we do? Where do we start? Where are we headed?”

Sometimes for us to figure out where we are going or how we will get there we have to start with some reflection, as we know our history can teach us a lot in many ways.

Over the past few months, we at Recovery Coach Academy have taken time to reflect on how far we have come. We always try to keep it simple by answering a couple of questions and thought why not share this experience with you? Keep reading to see how we answered these 4 short, yet very big questions!

1. What went well? What is going well?

Since 2020 we have continuously been building relationships, providing free and paid education and training, and supporting individuals, organizations, and businesses to access and utilize recovery coaching or become a Recovery Coach Professional, RCP©, this continues to be what works well for us. Another thing that continues to go well, is the continuous call for Recovery Coach Professionals, RCP© from individuals who need support, family members, and organizations. Often we don’t take the time to recognize our accomplishments, so to give a little more context of what’s working well, check out these numbers.

1 Recovery Coach Academy, the only CPD Standards,  CCAR© facilitators in the UK, globally.

3 Awards

  • Lincolnshire Enterprise Business for Purpose 2022 winner.

  • Finalist for 2023 CPD Provider of the Year

  • Finalist Lincolnshire “Taking on the World” award 2023.

20+ Countries Have attended training with Recovery Coach Academy since 2020, from individuals to organisations and businesses.

50+ Countries Recognise The now CPD Accredited Recovery Coach training provided by Recovery Coach Academy.

100+ Relationships With Businesses & Organisations who we have provided training or support to access or implement Recovery Coaching.

846+ Hours Of LIVE CCAR Training delivered Virtually since 2020

586+ Participants Have attended between 1-6 Trainings with Recovery Coach Academy since 2020

300+ Hours Of free online education delivered since 2020

2,000+ People Have learned about Recovery Coaching in a group setting

2. What could be better?

When we started Recovery Coach Academy Naetha had already been delivering Recovery Coach training, and had plans to set up Recovery Coach Academy 8 years prior, however by joining forces after Calliese worked in the drug services, we both came together with a shared passion to make Recovery Coaches accessible in the UK. In 2020 no one was talking about recovery coaching, in the way we had experienced it. In fact, when Naetha brought up recovery coaching at an organization she previously worked at she was told to “get back in her box” (wow, we know) the point is we set up Recovery Coach Academy with the intention to train people to become Recovery Coaches. Today we are MORE than that. Over the years we’ve had so much good, informative, positive feedback whether it’s big or small or we like to take it all on board. So here’s what’s new:

Website Update

We feel our website will be constantly updated as things are constantly changing in the world of technology. (Hello AI!! FYI -we did not use AI to write this; why? To keep it brief, we strive to create a culture of authenticity and human connection, which means we must role model this.) Over the years we have had participants attend our training who may have dyslexia, ADHD, etc and as we always try to adapt and meet people where they are, we want to make it easy for you to find the information you are looking for. So we have:

  • Updated Our Course page so you can easily find upcoming training

  • All of our training pages outline exactly what is included (with the price right at the top of the page - full transparency here, however where possible, we often work with people to remove any financial barriers) check out our upcoming CCAR CPD accredited 5-Day Recovery Coach Academy.

  • Plus there’s more coming so keep an eye out!

Community & Training Platform

We have moved to a new training platform, as we are always working to improve our participant's experience because our training involves submitting assignments, completing evaluations, and attending live training. We go beyond this!

We want to be able to share additional resources and have a space for connection, and community conversations, we are starting 2024 with a new mobile and web-based platform, it was time for an upgrade. Now finding a platform that could fit all our needs can be a little tricky, however, we think we nailed it this time. Our new platform is growing to be the Heartbeat of Recovery Coach Academy, here’s what’s inside:

  • Training- All our training and future Courses

  • Resources for our RCA Alumni and Training

  • Group Chats and Threads

  • Directory

  • Exclusive events for our alumni and support for those becoming Independent Recovery Coach Professionals©

We are really excited about this, and so are our RCA Alumni check out this comment!

The RCP Pathway

We started the RCP Pathway at the beginning of 2023, and over the year we have had many individuals, staff, or volunteers of organizations and businesses join the RCP pathway. It was great, but we thought it could be better based on what we were hearing so we’ve made a little upgrade.

Ready to become a Recovery Coach Professional, RCP©? Click here to get started!

And, as always watch this space and stay in the loop because more will be revealed!

3. What are we doing?

We are Leading with Love

We have not always got it right, we have made some mistakes, but we still continue because we believe in the work we do and the people we do it with. We will be continuing to meet people where they are whether that be removing barriers or obstacles to people attending training, or picking up the phones when someone needs support for their child. We will continue to have conversations where people feel seen, heard, and valued and create safe spaces for courageous conversations. We will role model what leadership can look like with love. Read the blog “Transformative Leadership: Leading with Love in Recovery Coaching” for more.

We are leaving self-doubt in 2023

Our new motto is “If you weren't ready, you wouldn't have the opportunity.” This year let it be the year you trust in your journey, believe in the power within, and courageously dive into opportunities that align with who you are and all that you can be.

We are realigning with our mission

We are on a mission to be more than just a training provider; we want to equip Recover Coach Professionals, RCP© with the tools and support needed to be the BEST. We are consciously building a space where our participants can thrive in their recovery coaching careers. Creating a real impact in communities, families, organizations, and beyond. And, we are so excited about the incredible Recovery Coach Professionals, RCP© we’ll be supporting, creating a safe harbor where they can recharge, gain new tools, and then go out and make a lasting difference. Join us for our first training starting January 26, 2024, by clicking here.

We are creating a Bigger Vision

Our vision started with ensuring that anyone who wants to access and utilize recovery coaching and recovery coach training can do so, and that’s still where we stand. However, we are moving towards something bigger, that the value of the role of a Recovery Coach Professional, RCP©  is thoroughly understood, embraced, and recognized as a paid role here in the UK and Globally. Look out, because more revealed soon.

We are taking it to the Next Level

We (Naetha and Calliese) are always on a journey of continuous improvement, we both love to learn and look for ways we can improve, innovate, adapt, and improve. This year we will continue to do that, except WE ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!  This year we start our journey to getting our MBA (Masters of Business Administration). We are super excited (and a little nervous) about this new adventure and we look forward to hopefully sharing some updates with you along the journey! If you have any tips that may help us out, all are greatly appreciated!

4. What next?

With everything we do at Recovery Coach Academy we always want to double-check with ourselves by asking two questions:

  • Are putting Recovery First?

  • Are we doing what is RIGHT with Respect, Integrity, Gratitude, Honesty and Transparency?

Above all, we will continue…..

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