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Experiencing Recovery Around the World …… while staying home!

There's a lot I could say about what's happened in the world and to our individual lives over the past eight months or so!

However, when I look for the blessings we have had in these times of uncertainty..... something AMAZING that has come out of it is: we have been around the world training, learning from others, advocating and seeing Recovery Communities in action. We were able to start conversations, make connections (friends) and start collaborating ......all while staying at home.

When I reflect on this it makes my heart feel full and I realise by exposing myself to others knowledge, experience and willingness to share; it helps me be brave and believe in our Recovery Coach Academy project even more.

Not only listening, but seeing in action and able to interact with others in places like New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Nevada & Texas; USA.

We've been able to participate in training, jump on and listen to community meetings and discussions and debates; which has exposed us and inspired us to amazing projects seeing real results.

A DOSE OF HOPE: In the middle of staying home, we are not actually staying home! We are learning from around the world in more places than we could have probably physically visited or afforded to get to. Sometimes you've got to find the blessings in the middle of the storm. And today, that's a blessing.

Go out, explore, see what other people are doing. You might find something you like that would make your life better. You can see the world virtually, if you look!

Who we've been meeting and talking to:

Foundation for Recovery, Nevada, USA:

CCAR - Connecticut Community for Addiction and Recovery, USA:

Embark/Peer Recovery Academy, Colorado, USA:

We would love to connect with you, please join us:

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