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Ready to jump a fence?

Did you know that the definition for the word barrier is “a fence or obstacle that prevents movement or access”? I’m sure we can all think of a fence or two that has prevented us from moving forward...or at least I know for sure there have been many fences that have popped up in my journey and I’m not talking about no white picket fence either!

Ronald Raegan has this quote and it says:

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.”

Now let me break this down for y’all because I feel like this is so empowering! In fact, I wrote it on a sticky note and put it on my wall! When he says there are no constraints on the human mind like how really is that!? There is no limit! Not to mention that there are no barriers except the ones we create for ourselves! Now I know some things happen in our life that we have no control over. But what we do have control over is our choices and our actions on how we handle it!

Since I have been in Recovery I have noticed some common barriers that tend to pop up for myself such as fear, change, and uncomfortability. Today I don’t have to hide behind that fence, and neither do you! Through my time of working with people in Recovery I’ve noticed, we all share a lot of the same barriers! For example denial, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of being judged, or stigmatized! Like Woah Sally, that feels like a lot of fences popping up, and that’s only a few!

So how do we overcome these fences that keep popping up!? We JUMP! We CLIMB! We find a way to get over that fence! Because once we have overcome one fence we can continue to jump many more! We become brave, strong, and confident! When a situation occurs, it’s okay because we’ve done this before! We know it’s temporary and we know we can overcome anything!

Are you ready to jump a fence or two?

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