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I’m lucky to have a mother who has been working in Recovery for 20 plus years, I say lucky now! That used to not be the case... She has been a huge influence on educating me about many pathways of Recovery, the effects on families, friends and allies, culture, language, and so on! Since being in Recovery I have always LOVED supporting other people, it sparks my flame right up!

When I moved to England from Texas I was exposed to a different culture, a whole new ball game! (A very difficult one I might say) But I dived in, I engaged in a variety of different groups, services, charities, etc. I listened and educated myself on what's working and what’s not! Honestly, I’ve probably had a million-plus conversations with my mom about the way Recovery is in the UK. Repeatedly saying why is this being done!? Or that!? While also knowing in my heart there was a better way to support people but not able to maximize on it because “that’s not the way we do things in England”. It finally just got to the point where I told myself if you don’t make changes then who will!? Personally I know that waiting for someone to do what’s in my head never works out, just saying. Another thing is if we notice a problem we fix it right!? So with my years of personal experience and working within Substance misuse in the UK what I have realized is... We need more Recovery Coaches!

Recovery Coaching is all about the present, not yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, etc. We're looking at the here and now and taking steps to improve our overall quality of life! I’m not worried about the checkboxes, or the paperwork I’m all about ACTION! Recovery coaching sets aside the stigma, the cultural differences, and the support groups, etc! We stay in our lane! I think all forms of Recovery should be celebrated no matter what that looks like for you! I am one of those people with my pom-poms in the corner yelling “YOU GOT THIS” (PS Yes that’s really me!) I’m also the person who will spend hours researching to find that soap carving workshop because youuuu said you’d like to try it!

The moment you realize what you have accomplished and that little smirk or glow in your eye starts shining, that’s my favorite part. A picture-perfect moment.

I love what I am doing when I am supporting people to rise to their maximum potential, and that’s Recovery Coaching! So it’s time to be brave, get excited, and get this ball rolling!

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