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Are you ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!?

Brene’ Brown says the word Rumble has become a way to say, “Let’s have a real conversation, even if it’s tough”. “From corporations, nonprofits, and public sector organizations to governments, activist groups, schools, and faith communities, we desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.”

OMG. When I read that I was like “Yes, Brene’, YES.”

I feel as though we need to have MORE courageous conversations, difficult conversations; with honesty, empathy, and open-mindedness. It’s not always easy or comfortable but un-comfortability is where we grow the most; at least I know I sure do!

One of the reasons we started Recovery Coach Academy was to be inclusive, everyone deserves a seat at the table and to be heard, to be part of the conversations. Often, we are invited to sit at the table but only to listen in silence.

Over the past few months we have met with some amazing people, and what we have realized is… there are so many people who have so much experience, knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm but they are often not heard or valued.

Brene’ Brown states when someone says “Let’s Rumble” it cues her to show up with an open heart and mind, so we can serve the work and each other, not our egos. So, we are starting “Intentional Recovery Conversations”. We want to bring a group of people together to have an intentional conversation focused on how we can support the recovery community and impact individuals, families, and communities who have been affected by substance misuse and addiction.

We want to create a space with the intention of bringing the community together to have meaningful conversations to connect, collaborate, and create stronger relationships to innovate & enhance Recovery.

For anyone to join!

  • People who want to make a positive impact on Recovery and get involved in a Recovery Community

  • People who want to use their lived experience to make stronger recovery communities

  • People who want to be part of a community that makes recovery contagious

  • And for ANYONE who is curious!

We have learned:

If you have a support network, a sounding board, and a cheerleader on your side; you are more likely to share and take action in order to make magic happen!

So, the question is…

Are you ready to Rumble?

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