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Growing Pains....(A behind the scenes update!)


A BTS (Behind the Scenes) Update…..

Good Morning, Recovery Coach Academy, CIC is a heart centred project, it was a dream, then as we started to get up and running, the reality came that this project could and will be so much bigger than just Calliese and I.

This meant we had to ask for help and ask others to come on this journey with us! As demand has grown and our services are growing it has meant we have started to invite (slowly) a few people to learn & train with us to co-facilitate and co-produce our courses WITH US. I never realised how hard this would be, I have such pride and passion in what we do and I never want to dilute this.

We have created an amazing relationship with the team at CCAR in the USA who have supported us and I made a personal vow that every day I wake up and remind myself of….

- “I COMMIT TO BE AN AMBASSADOR AND ROLE MODEL FOR CCAR and ONLY deliver a GOLD LEVEL STANDARD OF TRAINING & COACHING; it so important to me that Recovery Coaching does not get “watered down” or become a “tick box exercise.”

- This week the training of TWO new associate trainers began…… it was scary letting others in! The fear that I felt is real, Recovery Coach Academy maybe my dream, but the goal is to impact lives and the more we share the more we impact and we cannot do it alone.

- As Phil Valentine told me, “if you build it, they will come” no one said it would not be an emotional journey!

I am writing this because I am committing to all the people that Calliese and I engage with personally, we will ALWAYS put our heart and commitment to Recovery Coaching first as we grow.

We have chosen the business model of a Community Interest Company, because we want to make RECOVERY COACHING and RECOVERY COACH TRAINING accessible to as many people as possible; we want to reinvest the money we make to consistently get better and do more. I often say “as long as the bills get paid and I can keep the roof over my families heads, and I get to do this work I love, then all is good in my world.”

TODAY we start our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Assessment for our current courses and 6 (yes 6!!!) new exciting courses.

We will be launching a brand-new website with all the information, today or tomorrow. (Thank you to Alchemy Graphic for their donation of time to do this for us at NO COST.)

We are meeting this weekend with a business owner, who has volunteered to help us set-up our back-end accounts and administration.

Everything we have done so far, we have self-funded, with the exception of ONE amazing donation to help us get started (which I cried, because someone believed in us enough to do this, I still have to pinch myself.)

Let’s RISE together!


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