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She's flying, I'm falling......

She's flying, I'm falling.

My heart hurts because I don't want to feel...



🎈Like crying

🎈Like I have missed out on part of life

A few months ago, as my daughter grew in her recovery in many ways, there were still times she was not aware of the impact of her words or actions to the family.

My daughter had a social life, was being recognised at work as a Recovery worker, going to meetings, networking, etc. etc.

I was homeschooling, holding together our crazy inter-generational family together and had no consistent time to even think about what I wanted to do; so I would cry...

Then I remember....those little arms around me, those words "Babes, your the best Babes anyone can have; thanks for coming and sitting with me, I love you."

And I realised this little boy is worth it all!

June 2020

Perspective 3 months on-

Wow! We never could have anticipate how much could or would change!

COVID-19 happened:

- we had to learn how to communicate better

- my daughter and I started having better conversations

- our family adapted to "this new way of living"

- we have found out we like being a little introverted

- we have also found a joint passion for Recovery Coaching so are setting up a CIC company together to share the hope that recovery can bring

Let me leave you with a dose of hope...

If you ever doubt,

say oh nothing will change in 3,6,9 months....

Then watch does!

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