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There is HOPE in your Story

"You can use your story to MAINTAIN the status quo, or you can use your story to CHANGE the status quo."

Let’s talk about the Power of Storytelling.

Our stories are our lives, there are no plots and lines to remember, we lived it, we know it and if we choose we can share some (or all) of it to make recovery visible. Whether it be amongst your family, community, or a wider audience,

Your Story has POWER!

When you share your story it creates power in 3 ways.

  1. Sharing your story will empower you to feel confident in who you are and the experiences that led you to the path you are on!

  2. Your story will share a powerful connection that allows others to relate to you, and your experiences which will make them feel like they are not alone.

  3. And lastly, it will give others permission. Sharing your story will give others permission to feel confident in who they are, and their own personal experiences. It might even make them feel confident enough to share their own personal story!

Part of sharing your story is advocating for the Recovery Community! Across the world, thousands of people are speaking out to educate friends, neighbors, policymakers, and the media about the reality of recovery so that others can get the help they need to recover.

“Words have immense power to wound or heal…The right words catalyze personal transformation and offer invitations to citizenship and community service. The wrong words stigmatize and dis-empower.”

- William White


I was speaking to one of our amazing Recovery Coach Academy students this week about how the “Our Stories Have Power Recovery Community Messaging” training made a huge impact on her. And something she said really intrigued me, she said she knew there was power in sharing her lived experience, but didn’t know how or where to start. Which is common for most of us I believe. She did the training at the end of 2019.

Guess what?

She now has a website, a business, blogs, Facebook groups the whole works sharing tools, resources, and more using the power of her lived experiences!

And she’s not the only one, there are thousands of people using the stories of their credible lived experiences to make recovery visible.

Learn how to advocate with Anonymity and Purpose!

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