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What September looked like at Recovery Coach Academy CIC

This month has been exciting, chaotic and simply beautiful to say the least. We started Recovery Month off in Scotland at the Recovery Rising event, where we learned A LOT and heard about some of the amazing organisations moving mountains, then off to London, N.Ireland and Newcastle.

After we left Scotland we headed to London where we met Maysha IN-PERSON! Maysha is part of our CCAR family in the USA and we have had a relationship over zoom for the past 2 years! Being able to have a hug and spend time together was so precious! Saying goodbye was hard, BUT we know she will be back!

Next stop on our Recovery Month tour was Northern Ireland! Gaz Rutherford the Founder & Programme Development Manager of ARC Fitness & Recovery Coaching picked us up from the airport and welcomed us into his home! We were honoured to be asked to participate in the FIRST Recovery in Motion Conference hosted by ARC. This whole experience was full of love. The minute we showed up we were welcomed and embraced. This was the FIRST time we experienced something similar to how Recovery Communities in the USA felt.

Honestly, if you want to see “Recovery in Motion” then visiting ARC and feeling what it is like in the community they have built, is worth a trip to ARC fitness!

Last but not least, we ended our Recovery Month road trip in Newcastle with the Recovery Walk and Conference! This was the culmination of three years of planning by FAVORUK, also an amazing 3 years of building lifelong friendships and relationships. The extra special bonus was people from our community coming together in person from Scotland, N.Ireland, Ireland, London, Norfolk and more…..

We had some amazing conversations and connected with SO many people in our Recovery Coach Community along with meeting lots of new people we can’t wait to get to know better!

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